June 28

30 min workout with nike + training app

hr before: 77 during: 123 after: 86

intensity: moderate

warm-up: knee hugs, tin soldiers, alternating dynamic quadricep stretch, alternating dynamic hamstring stretch, alternating hip cradles, walkouts - each exercise for 30 seconds

alternating reverse lunge reaches, dumbbell squat and press, hip twisters modified high plank, clamshells on left and right side - each exercise for 30 seconds, repeat x3

alternating lateral lunges, alternating dumbbell rows, bodyweight squats, high plank, dead bugs, hip lifts - each exercise for 30 sec, repeat x3

cool down- quad rockers for 1 min

reflection: exercise felt great! I noticed in the warm up it had me doing dynamic stretches which we learned about in this weeks topic of flexability.

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